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Special education is a way of teaching, with the necessary resources, support and creativity that each case requires, to people with special educational needs in whatever context they find themselves. We are able to lead, transform and develop at the peculiar rhythm of the students and optimize their possibilities in order to lead them to full social and labour integration.

We have several centers of this education, distributed by different municipalities:

SPECIAL SCHOOLS                                            TELEPHONES

Hermanos Saíz                                                      48753552
Antón Makarenko                                                   48763623
28 January                                                             48774723
José Martí                                                              48769593
Carlos Marx                                                            48779026
Alfonso Valdés (San Juan y Martínez)                   48798144
Martyrs of Bolivia                                                    48788122  

Preguntas frecuentes:

  • How Can a Student With Visual, Hearing or Motor Disabilities Continue to Study in Higher Education? +

    As part of the general improvement of the Cuban educational system that is carried out in our country, and especially at the higher level, it is imperative to raise the quality of access to higher education, so it provides that everyone who aspires to study in higher education in any of its types of course and for any career, will have to take three mandatory entrance exams in the disciplines Mathematics, Spanish and History of Cuba, constituting an indispensable requirement to obtain a minimum of sixty points in each examination for the applicant to be included in the scale of Leer más
  • Diagnostic and Orientation Centers (CDO) +

    The psycho-pedagogical diagnosis of students with special educational needs in Cuba is the responsibility of the Diagnostic and Orientation Centers (CDO), where integrated multidisciplinary teams work to ensure the orientation, follow-up and evaluation of these minors. The psychopedagogical diagnosis issued by these centres is the only one recognized as meeting the necessary conditions to place a minor in a Special Education institution. 

    Each municipality has a multidisciplinary team to which the family can turn to receive care from any of its specialists (psychologist, educational psychologist, pedagogue, speech therapist, psychometrist, social worker). The days of attention to the population are established in each territory. Although the orientation and follow-up process carried out by the CDOs covers the different educational levels, the families do not require any referral to receive guidance from the specialists of these teams.

    The department of the Provincial Diagnostic and Orientation Center is located in the Provincial Direction of Education, at 21 Hermanos Saíz Street. One of its functions is to attend to families who disagree with the diagnosis of their children, issued by the CDO of the municipality where they live, and to re-evaluate it in order to corroborate or refute the diagnosis. To receive care from this department you can do so personally or by calling 48752910 ext. 141; or if you have any doubt, you can ask it through the following form and you will receive an answer by e-mail or telephone.

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