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Attention to the Population

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In the educational sector, the attention to the population is instrumented from the educational institutions, so it is the school, the first place where people should go to raise any disagreement, being the director responsible for providing all the necessary information to clarify or address any issue. In the higher instances, municipality, province and MINED there are offices where there is a staff prepared for this care.

When the person has the need to issue a statement, these will be classified into: complaints, denunciations, requests or suggestions.

a) When is a complaint considered? is the disagreement about actions of leaders, officials or personnel in general, motivated by violations or irregularities in the functioning of entities, institutions, bodies or decisions taken with which they do not agree.
b) When is a complaint considered? is the accusation of violations of rules or provisions on the functioning of administrative entities, institutions and / or by the actions of officials and is considered to violate rights or moral and ethical principles and may or may not constitute a crime.
c) When is a request considered? is the demand or request, which is made by citizens, should not be understood by request the request for a service or a good that responds to the activity that is required to provide the corresponding entity.
d) When is a suggestion considered? is the proposal to improve, delete or modify the functioning of an entity or something established.

When the matter that is formulated so requires, the corresponding person in charge will designate the companions that will integrate the Commission in charge of investigating, informing and ruling on the matter.

In cases where it is found that there have been irregularities involving the taking of measures, the proper and timely enforcement of these decisions will be ensured, which will be the responsibility of the body to which the case was dealt with.

What channels can the population use to express their disagreements?

1. These can be carried out personally in the different instances, by telephone, by letter through the postal mail and in the case of the Provincial Direction to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using the established model. The answers will be offered personally by the corresponding tables at each level and within 30 working days.

2. If you prefer, you can do it through the following form

As a right of every citizen, you can denounce or establish a complaint about events that have occurred or dissatisfaction of our educational institutions, protected by Ministerial Resolution 100/2014.

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3. You may also send the following inquiries online, which will be answered via email within 30 working days:

Day Care Center Transfer Consultation

Tranfer Consultation of the Student to Another School

Consultation Movement of the Student to Another Education

Student Transit Consultation

Consultation continuity of studies

Consultation with Labor - Peasant Faculty

Course for Workers Consultation

Languages' School Consultation

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