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The Technical and Professional Education (TPE) school network in Pinar del Río prioritizes the implementation of Socio Productive Projects in all centers and specialties. These projects allow students to acquire knowledge, develop skills and aptitudes for the job; in turn, they contribute to the solution of problems in communities that require a productive process and/or the provision of services, together with facilitators and family. Among those with the greatest impact are those aimed at:

  • Counselling and construction of school gardens and cook's gardens; gardens of medicinal and ornamental plants.
  • Cultivation of flowers for communal services.
  • Manufacture and repair of school furniture, teaching aids and study material.
  • Manufacture of toys for children with chronic health problems, hospitalized or children of parents with low purchasing power and Children's Circles, for these institutions also produce clothing.
  • Manicure, peeling, hairstyling and sewing services in the grandparents' house.
  • Repair of instruments, devices, tools or accessories for schools and work centres.
  • Advice for different crops and soil conservation measures.
  • Construction work including masonry, veneer, carpentry, electrical, hydraulic and sanitary installations in workplaces and educational centers in support of the needs of the community, such as promoting the construction of houses affected by hurricanes and the subsidy program.

The Technical and Professional Education in Pinar del Río guarantees the continuity of studies to qualified workers, complying with the provisions of Ministerial Resolution 311 of 2011, so that they can be incorporated into Technical Education, in the course modality for workers with a duration of two and a half years and thereby respond to the changes that originate in the economy of the country.

Students in their first year of ETP can apply to their polytechnic's management for enrolment in order to achieve insertion at this level.

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