Services Provided by the Energy Saving Programme Workshops

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At the Energy Saving Program workshops you can receive the services listed below for the following equipment: normal pressure cookers, electric rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, fans, heaters, electric cookers, home refrigeration and air conditioners.

Normal Pressure Cooker


Electric rice cooker

Electric pressure cooker



Electric Kitchen

Domestic Refrigeration

Air Conditioning

Induction Kitchen

Main Board - $80.00

    Control Plate(keyboard) - $32.00

    Glass Top Cover - $55.00

    Fan - $13.00

    Power Cord - $18.00

    Coil - $20.00

    Plastic Base - $17.00

    Sensor - $2.00

    Rubber Legs and Screws - 0.25 cents

    Labor - $5.00

The guarantee for these works will be 30 days.