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Globo Hotel with Lobby Bar and Night Center

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Un pequeño lobbybar fue creado en un sitio que se utilizaba como oficina

Even in the trial stage, before the official inauguration, it is expected that the coffee bar will remain open for customers until seven o'clock at night. They already have an espresso machine, and are waiting for the necessary equipment for the cocktail bar.

Eliosber Lloret Rodríguez, the hotel's manager, argued that the Havana Club line, Cristal and Heineken beers and soft drinks are available at the nightclub. They also offer ham and cheese dice at 0.35 CUC, Viking ham steak at 0.65 CUC and leg steak at 18 CUP, smoked chicken at 20 CUP, among other options generally marketed by the Provincial Housing and Gastronomy Company. The entrance fee is 3 CUC per person, not including consumption.

"The new place has a stage animated by the play of lights; black furniture, walls and ceiling, as well as an extensive bar. From 11:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. the public will enjoy performances by artists from around the world or from other territories, and later the space is animated with recorded music until they wish to stay. Among the experiences already counts the piano-bar on Saturdays.

"The responsibility for the programming of the opening days (from Tuesday to Sunday), is the direction of Culture, who must provide in advance to publicize the proposals to the public," added Lloret.

The administration of the unit also insists on the regulations that will be in force for any of the 70 people who can attend, in terms of clothing and behavior.

It should also be noted that the clock anchored in the hotel tower also joins the remodeling. José Betancourt Ordaz takes care of its maintenance, as this jewel is very old, was built in Germany in 1910. At the moment the hands do not work, because they are in repair, but in the next months it will be repaired and with a new sphere.

Gervasio Valdés Herrera, director of the Provincial Enterprise of Lodging and Gastronomy in Pinar del Río, explained that the purpose is to offer more products and quality services and reported that the rooms are intended to develop a project that first includes the repair of the exteriors, which give for José Martí Avenue and Isabel Rubio Street (Recreo), which make a total of 13 of the 42 that the hotel has.

More information on institutional facebook of the Epag Pinar del Rio

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