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La Descarga with an Excellent Gastronomic Option

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centro La descargaThe construction of a cistern and a drinking fountain were the main actions that were carried out, since the scarcity of water in the place threatened against the correct development of this unit belonging to the Provincial Enterprise  of Lodging and Gastronomy (EPAG).

Rainer Rodriguez, storekeeper of the gastronomic center, said that in the restaurant can consume pizzas, spaghetti, soft drinks and beers.

For its part, the grill extends the possibilities, as it offers chicken in various varieties, skewers and various types of rice and other products.

"We are 18 workers who work in two teams. We love the work we do and that everyone who comes here to consume feels at ease. We have all the furniture and a stereo. The place was nice and welcoming," Rainer emphasized.

José Borrego, bartender of the facility, emphasized: "The Download opens its doors Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm and Saturdays and Sundays we start at the same time and end at 11 pm. As an added value we offer cocktails, because summer is a very hot time and users love to enjoy a delicious mojito or daiquiri.

La Descarga


 La descarga

La Descarga en Pinar del Río

Cantinero de la Descarga en Pinar del Río

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