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Change of employment location of graduates in Social Service

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The fulfillment of social service is established in Law 116/2015, Labour Code and Decree 326 and the change of employment location of graduates in Social Service in Resolution 8/2013 of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

The social service consists in the fulfilment of the duty of the graduates of daytime courses, who attain the knowledge at the higher level and technical professional level of education, to put them in the function of society in accordance with the planning and priorities of economic and social development.

Social service has a duration of three years and is combined with active military service, so that the sum of both completes the three years and is performed in the place and work in the entity for which the graduate is destined.

When it is necessary to transfer a graduate assigned to one body, agency, national entity, senior management organization or other entities for the performance of social service, to another, it is submitted to the approval of the authorities that assigned it, based on the agreement of both bodies, agencies, national entities or senior management organizations or other entities.

In the case of internal transfers, the approval is submitted to the head of the organ, agency, national entity, senior management organization, or other entities or to whom this delegate, where the graduate was assigned.

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