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Multipurpose Hall November 19

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 It owes its name to the official agreement decreed in Law No. 128 of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers on January 26, 1985, to celebrate every November 19 the Day of Physical Culture and Sport, taking into account that this day in 1961 was held the First Plenary of Volunteer Correspondents of INDER. The work of the volunteer correspondents was highlighted by the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz, in the closing speech of that congress, for which this day was chosen as a deserved recognition of the work carried out by them in the sphere of sport in the first years of the Revolution. It was celebrated for the first time on November 16 of the same year, with a lucid sporting spectacle in the Capitán San Luis Stadium in the city of Pinar del Río.
Sala Polivalente 19 de Noviembre

It is located at Rafael Morales 226 / Capitán San Luis & Río Guamá. It has a small board of multiple uses in the ground floor, of a surface of 1250 where the students of  EIDE Ormani Arenado Llonch are trained and the teams of 1st Category in sports such as: handball, volleyball, basketball and artistic skating.

Five gyms where the following sports are practiced: rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, weight lifting, wrestling, judo and martial arts. Included in the Sports Complex to which it belongs are 8 tennis courts and front tennis courts respectively, 5 clay and 3 cement.

In this facility are the offices of the Subdirection and Provincial Direction of Sports of Pinar del Río, the Direction and Management and Inspection, the Teaching, Science, Technology and Environment and High Performance, as well as the Department of Natural and Traditional Medicine and Physiotherapy, the latter subordinate to the Provincial Center of Sports Medicine of Pinar del Río. Its first director was Eduardo Rizo Valdés.

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