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EIDE Ormani Arenado LLonch

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It began to operate in this place as a dormitory, even without having the necessary classrooms to teach and the areas for sports that were practiced, so the students received classes in the Basic Secondary "Frank País" and "María de los Angeles Baylina" of this city and training also in sports areas of other institutions, water sports and nautical were practiced in a boarding school in the municipality of Cabañas (Mariel) at that time belonged to the province, It had primary and secondary education,  its fundamental objective was based on grouping and training students who met the necessary requirements to serve as a quarry for future athletes, having as a colophon the National School Games, which had their first edition from August 22, 1963, in Havana, where the 6 provinces representing the old political-administrative division of the country participated and a team made up of Scholarship Plan as the seventh province.

EIDE Ormani Arenado

Among the founders of EIDE pinareña are: Arsenio García (first director), Luis Adolfo Caviedes Godoy, artistic gymnastics coach, Carmelo Hidalgo Díaz, basketball coach and Alberto Pérez baseball. In the 1967-1968 academic year, this institution takes the name of "Ormani Arenado Llonh" in honor of the martyr from Pinar del Rio in combat in the actions of March 13, 1957. At that time, some transformations in the work of school sports began that with the Experiences obtained from the incipient National School Games show with clear evidence that the school sports movement forms the basis of the high performance sport pyramid.

On October 11, 1979, the EIDE was moved to a modern facility located at Km. 1½, a detour to the central road, on land adjacent to the city. This contributed to the further development of the province in the sports field, as well as gradually improving the places reached in the National School Games that since the new administrative political division that took place in 1976 had been promoted. The new institution began with 1107 students with Zenén Viera Robaina as director.

It practiced most of the sports established in high performance, had primary, middle and upper secondary education until the 11th. grade since the 12th. The degree was taught at the Ormani Arenado Llonh Athletic Improvement School (ESPA) that was located in the same place where the EIDE began. It was still in its constructive completion phase.

On March 13, 1991, as a tribute to this date and to the young man from Pinar del Rio whose name the center holds, a monumental complex was unveiled in a political act that has as its fundamental element the effigy of “Ormani Arenado”

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