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    Additions, Deletions, Relocations, Name and CEE Changes in the Residential Sector

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    In the Commercial Offices of the UEBT several services are offered to customers in the residential sector, among which we can mention: Additions, Removals, Transfers, Name Changes, EEC Changes.

    Discharges for Existing Houses

    Every person who is given a house must go to the Commercial Office located in the area of that property to make the corresponding request for services.

    Discharges for Reconnection (more than 30 days of having caused sick leave)

    This case is treated as a new service.


    Withdrawals may occur at the request of the customer or ordered by the Commercial Office, for abandonment of the service or for failure to pay the bill.

    The cancellations requested by the clients can be definitive or temporary and in all cases the final bill is collected, obtaining an estimated consumption between the date of the last reading and the date of the cancellation request.


    Para el caso de los traslados o las permutas, el cliente debe presentarse en la Oficina Comercial para hacer la solicitud del servicio.


    In the case of transfers or swaps, the client must go to the Commercial Office to request the service.

    Nama Changing

    They are carried out at the client's request and are presented with the last account paid and any of the documents mentioned in the section Electricity supply request.

    Changes of CEE

    The change of CEE by increase or decrease of capacity can be requested by the client or by order of the inspectors.

    The causes that originate change of CEE ordered by the inspectors are:

    • Defective CEE
    • Inadequate CEE
    • Burnt or broken CEE

    For further information you can consult the document: UC-CC 0004 Altas, bajas, traslados, cambios de nombre y de CEE en el sector residencial.

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